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Friday 23.09.2016.   11.15 – 12.15    Workshop Stage

Slavica Habjanović

HASSELL, Communications Manager Kina i Hong Kong (Kina i Hong Kong)

Slavica Habjanovic is Communications Manager for leading international design practice HASSELL. Part of the practice’s global communications team for over five years, she recently moved from Australia to Hong Kong to focus on the rapidly changing urban centres of Asia. With a strong grasp of the global trends that are shaping our everyday lives, Slavica’s work exposes her to the forefront of urban design thinking and the factors that are contributing to global-scale change around us. The increasingly complex projects that clients bring to HASSELL demand a culture built on collaboration, creativity and innovation in design thinking and delivery, carried out by integrated teams of architects, interior designers, landscape architects, urban designers and specialist consultants. And nowhere is this complexity more evident than in the accelerated urbanisation of Asia, in particular China. Aside from her work at HASSELL, she is also a contributor to Fluoro Digital, the Croatian Herald, an advisor for music start up Booker Garden and the founder of colour communications platform Tribe:Color. She has also held a number of communications and founder roles in media, design, culture and social and environmental advocacy. Slavica holds a Bachelor of Sociology and English from the University of Zagreb, and a Masters in Communications and Publishing from the University of Melbourne.

Megatrends Shaking The Cities We Live In And Why We Should Care

At the current rate of urbanisation, by 2050 the world will be two-thirds urban and one-third rural and most of this growth will take place in Asia and Africa. But cities all over the world are experiencing unprecedented change and facing both challenges and opportunities like never before. They are also rising in influence with predictions stating that cities will become just as powerful, if not more, than countries. All of us will be impacted by the megatrends that are shaping the cities we live in and their future forms. Across the planet, we are seeing some powerful common threads and mind-blowing examples of how cities and the teams of people that design them are working to solve their challenges. In this workshop, we’ll explore these global trends and how they are relevant to our industries and what sort of opportunities they could provide. We bring it back to the region to see what’s happening here too.

Friday 23.09.2016.   16.45 – 17.45    Workshop Stage

Best Practice Brand Engagement in Mobile Advertising

powered by RedView Media

As mobile advertising spending continues to grow, due to its indisputable importance to the overall media mix, marketeers must align their mobile strategies with other digital activities and deliver mobile advertising solutions with something different than the standard formats in order to achieve their advertising goals. RedView Media experts will demonstrate best practice in mobile advertising strategies and show real cases from different industries and some of the leading market brands. The workshop will cover a full lifecycle of a mobile campaign set up – from the strategic phase, format and features selection to campaign management and key performance indicators of successful brand engagement on mobile devices.

Marin Barbić

RedView Media (Croatia)

Diana Dumanić

RedView Media (Croatia)

Saturday 24.09.2016.   12.30 – 13.30    Workshop Stage

Quick Copy Repair

Come for a free change of tired texts and creative oils

Join our master copy mechanics Nenad and Nebojša for an hour of web copy improvements and learn why, what, and how of what you write on the internet is more important than ever before. Apply with your website, landing page, web shop, newsletter or Facebook page (or bring your URL on a piece of paper)
* First come, first served

Nenad Vukušić

Copyraonica – web writing workshop, Founders and Lecturer (Croatia)

Nebojša Grbačić

Copyraonica – web writing workshop, Founders and Lecturer (Croatia)

Saturday 24.09.2016.   11.15 – 12.15    Workshop Stage

I Didn’t Sign Up For This Shit – How To Send Good Newsletters?

powered by M+Agency

Some newsletters automatically end up in the spam folder, some don’t deserve better and some we send to the spam folder ourselves! Besides stating the importance, advantages and strengths of e-mail marketing, the lecture will also cover practical and useful tips on how to create a good newsletter, how to carefully analyse it and how to sell a product or service via newsletter.

Luka Frljužec

M+ Agency, Email Marketing Expert (Croatia)

Jelena Viljevac

M+ Agency, COO / Chief Operating Officer (Croatia)

Saturday 24.09.2016.   15.30 – 17.30    Workshop Stage

IBM Design Thinking

powered by IBM i Megatrend

Everyone is talking about the Design thinking methodology, but do you really know what the application of such methodology looks like in real life, a methodology meant for the right client with real demands and challenges? Come to the IBM Design Thinking workshop where we will show you how to create an improved user experience custom made for the Weekend Media Festival. Data shows that 75% of what we hear we can truly learn if we really practice it. Consequently, we will present the “Designing the Wimbledon experience” story where our colleagues from IBM US literally made a miracle by applying predictive analytics. Join us, let’s roll up our sleeves and lets draw, create, make new concepts using the experience of others and relying on our own ideas.

Fun is guaranteed!

Possible side effects: as with other medicine, our workshop can cause side effects, although they do not occur at the same time for all. These side effects are visible only if you are taking a methodology for more than three consecutive days – large encounters of creativity may occur, as well as a need to address problems and the desire for collaboration and creating innovation.

IBM Design Thinking is used by numerous companies from various industries and even public administrations around the world in order to find better and more innovative solutions in a dynamic environment in which we operate, live and work and where traditional methods and tools cannot give the expected results. See you!

Milivoj Obradović

Megatrend Business Solutions, Business Intelligence Consultant (Croatia)

Ana Veir

IBM Croatia, EU funds solution sales representative, Global Business Services (Croatia)

Friday 23.09.2016.   10.00 – 11.00    Workshop Stage

Pitch Sauce – How to Present Your Idea?

A compact presentation skills masterclass full of takeaway insights to gain more impact as a professional, networker or entrepreneur – someone who wants to communicate with impact. You’ll learn valuable practical tips and body language techniques to boost credibility, influence and speak more confidently and gain more trust with your audience. Gain straight-talking tips on how to fine-tune your delivery, get ideas to stick and increase your chances of success. Take your public speaking to the next level, bring more value to your ideas and increase your chances of success.

Peter Hopwood

Hopwood Communications, Presence Expert and Public Speaking Storyteller / Founder (UK)

Saturday 24.09.2016.   10.00 – 11.00    Workshop Stage

Big Bang Of Digital Analytics

It is time to stop making decisions according to your hunches. At least when online is concerned. With so many digital tools on the market, you no longer have a reason to not understand the visitors of your website or the user of your mobile app. Find out if your company fits the good, the bad or the ugly segment and check what valuable information your company can track via digital analytics.

Iva Obrovac

404, Senior performance marketing specialist (Croatia)


Friday 23.09.2016.     11.15 – 12.15     Weekend Work Space

Croatian Telecom as a Start Up Accelerator

powered by Hrvatski Telekom

t com logo

Even though Croatian Telecom is mostly known as Croatia’s largest telecommunications operator, this is also a company that is engaged in many other activities – for example, they sell electricity and even help creative students and start-ups in the realization of their ideas. HT’s STEM HUB, HT Innovation Camp, hackathon and a general sponsorship of the prestige Idea Knockout competition in cooperation with Bug tech magazine are only some of the activities with which Croatian Telecom formats the restless ideas of juvenile creators. Considering the fact that one of the main prizes of the game is a trip to Las Vegas, then the best question for this lecture is – how?

Bojan Mušćet

Hrvatski Telekom, Senior Communication Expert (Hrvatska)

Dragan Petric

Bug, Executive Editor (Croatia)

Friday 23.09.2016.    12.30 – 13.30     Weekend Work Space

The New Era of Marketing: How Can Technology Make You More Successful in Your Job?

powered by SAP

Evolution is transforming marketing into an increasingly technical function. This happened because of the predominance of digital channels in high volumes of business as opposed to being just a channel of communication. In the process, big data – huge amounts of information that marketing organizations gathered from consumers across all interaction points – provided additional tools for marketing in order to add value in using digital channels. This was further reinforced by improved capabilities in experienced management technologies that enabled contextually relevant communications and interactions and mass personalization. This session will explore how exactly can technology help marketing functions to perform better; what the leading brands are doing and why a scientific approach is needed in creating a new era of advertising.  As marketing is tasked to simultaneously inform and inspire, technology is here to help do it with ease and impact. See it live!

Ana Šipušić Pleše

SAP, Hybris Presales Consultant (Croatia)

Friday 23.09.2016.   15.30 – 16.30     Weekend Work Space

Post deadline – stories from the field

powered by Profil

Croatian bookshelves have recently received a unique literary edition that offers an insight into the world of domestic foreign policy journalists. “Our man on the field” in this case is a powerful collection of experienced reporters from print and online media, conveniently gathered with a common goal to share what they have never shared with the public – how they feel when the cameras turn off, what can we learn from a Polisario soldier about Yugoslavia, why it’s important to have Vegeta on the Seychelles and just what kind of memorial residue they carry from Lampedusa, Ukraine, Syria… The report collection “Post deadline – stories from the field” were written by 14 current and former foreign policy journalists – Bisera Fabrio, Ivana Dragičević, Boris Orešić, Renata Rašović, Ana-Bella Leikauff, Jasmina Kuzmanović, Nataša Barac i Zorana Bajt, Elizabeta Gojan, Dragan Nikolić, Hrvoje Krešić, Josip Šarić, Jerko Bakotin and  Snježana Pavić. According to the publisher, Profil Knjiga, the collection brings reports and stories about interesting locations described in an unconventional and very personal manner. It can be found in bookstores starting September 13th and its first promotion will be at the Weekend Media Festival.

Ivana Dragičević

N1 TV, Executive Producer of International News (Croatia)

Hrvoje Krešić

RTL, Reporter (Croatia)

Dragan Nikolić

HRT, Foreign Affairs Correspondent (Croatia)

Adriana Piteša

Profil, Editor (Croatia)

Saturday 24.09.2016.   11.15 – 12.15     Weekend Work Space

SnapUp 2.0

After the success of the first Snapchat meetup in Zagreb, which gathered over 120 Snapchat enthusiasts, Bamboo Lab is organizing SnapUp 2.0, a second Snapchat meet up, dedicated to all users and fans (and those who will become users) – currently the fastest growing social network with 150 million active users and 10 billion views per day. At the second SnapUp we will talk about reasons why brands in Croatia should use Snapchat as well as its growing influence in Croatia. Find out why Snapchat is inevitable in building ones brand at the SnapUp 2.0!


Iva Soldo, Bamboo Lab, Co-Founder and Marketing Director (Croatia)

Saturday 24.09.2016.   12.30 – 13.30     Weekend Work Space

WhatsUpCroatia Is Your Next Best Business Tool for Marketing

WhatsUpCroatia lets you additionally promote your company and business solutions in a modern and creative way, as well as be in direct contact with your customers and buyers.This service is an innovative platform for all your current digital marketing campaigns, promotions and a great way to reach out to your target audience. WhatsApp Messenger is a cross-platform mobile messaging app with over a billion users worldwide. WhatsApp is available for a variety of mobile platforms –  Android, iPhone, BlackBerry and Windows Phone. With the app you can send text, images, video, audio messages, vCards and you can even send your location, which makes WhatsApp Messenger very different from the traditional SMS. WhatsApp users share over 700 million photos and 100 million videos each day. WhatsUpCroatia will help grow your customer base and/or sell services or products with a personalized “messages” platform. WhatsUpCroatia is a versatile, irreplaceable, unique and entirely new tool for communication and marketing – once you know how to make good use of it.

Kristijan Milan Lopac

WhatsUp Croatia, General Manager (Croatia)

Silvano Gospodarić

WhatsUp Croatia, Communication Manager (Croatia)

Friday 23.09.2016.     16.45 – 17.45     Weekend Work Space

Body@work – A Wholesome Approach to Health in the Workplace

Many hours spent in front of a computer and long-term sitting tend to cause stiffness and pain in the neck and back area. By conducting targeted exercises for the neck, back and shoulders, the Body@work program helps to reduce the harmful effect that the workspace has on our health. With just 15 minutes of daily exercise we can revive and unburden our muscle groups that suffer the most at the work table as well as increase productivity, motivation and feel much better in general. How to sit properly, how to have a proper posture, which angle is best for computer use….all this and more will be told by Ana-Marija Jagodić Rukavina, mr.spec. of Kinesiology and founder of the PBS center.

Ana-Marija Jagodić Rukavina

PBS Centar sportske izvrsnosti, Founder of the PBS Centre and Body Technique Creator (Croatia)