Friday 23.09.2016.   18.00 – 19.00    Summer House Stage

How crazy do you have to be to start a VR project?

powered by Direct Media Serbia

Do you really love innovation or do you just admire it? Why do we love virtual reality and what do we need to know about it? Can VR become a new medium? How can you convince a Client to participate in a project that lasts for several months and seems to have no end? How can you animate everyone around you to support your project which seemingly has no sense?

If you are a true fan of VR, find the answers to these questions in a virtual interview with:

Voljena Daničić

Direct Media, Innovate & New Media Manager (Serbia)

Vitomir Jevremović

Digital Mind, direktor (Serbia)

ida prester 150MODERATOR
Ida Prester, Musician / TV Host / Journalist (Croatia/Serbia)

Friday 23.09.2016.   10.00 – 11.00    Laboratory Stage

Best Of Regional Neuro-Marketing Cases by Valicon

Inspiration or revelation, problem illumination or solutions do not come as accidentally and suddenly as we thought. More often they come quite deliberately. The inspiratory phase in the creative process can be accelerated through clear insight into a problem that is not visible at first glance. The main challenges lie below the surface. The details below the surface will be shown through neuro-marketing measurements with the help of electroencephalography (EEG) and “infrared” tracking eye movement as well as the most famous-movie-car-transporting-company “Krstić and son.” What are the additional business transactions and how do you, in the pre-war society of 1941 open up a new revenue stream? Who did not pay for the ticket? Old man? Only the old man? What ticket? Plane ticket!!!! “Who’s singin’ over there?”

Zenel Batagelj

Valicon, President (Slovenija)

Ismir Omeragić

Valicon, CEO BH (BiH)

Friday 23.09.2016.   12.30 – 13.30    Workshop Stage

Belizar Zečić

BTravel, Board Member for Business Development (Croatia)

Innovation And New Technologies In Tourism

New information and communication technology are the drivers of change on a global level. Tourism is one of the fastest growing industries, and as such has the greatest need of monitoring trends and adapting to the demands of tourists. Existing software solutions and applications are developed and upgraded, and the demands of tourism are increasing on a daily level. The application of new technology allows easy customization to individual requirements of tourists in order to improve their travel experience.

Friday 23.09.2016.   15.30 – 16.30    Workshop Stage

John Conlon

Viacom International Media Networks, Vice President, Consumer Insight & Analytics (Northern & Eastern Europe)

John Conlon is Vice President, Consumer Insight & Analytics, VIMN UK, Northern & Eastern Europe. Overseeing all research activity within the VIMN UK, Northern & Eastern Europe division for renowned global brands including Nickelodeon, MTV and Comedy Central, Conlon’s focus is to guide and support the development of VIMN’s business units through the provision of audience intelligence, analysis and insight. Conlon has overseen numerous research initiatives exploring audience behaviour, brands, content, digital platforms and consumer products.

RESEARCH: Gen X Today – My Life, My Way powered by Viacom International Media Networks

What became of the cynical, rebellious, ‘slacker’ youth generation of the 90s? They grew up and got boring, didn’t they? Wrong! VIMN’s latest global study, covering 21 countries and over 12,000 adults, found that the norms and expectations that once defined adulthood have dissolved. London-based Consumer Insight & Analytics Vice President, John Conlon, will take us on a Gen X journey through relationships, work, mindsets and more, as it becomes increasingly clear that it’s time we updated our outdated views of Gen X.

Friday 23.09.2016.   11.15 – 12.15    Weekend Work Space

Croatian Telecom as a start up accelerator

powered by Hrvatski Telekom

t com logo

Even though Croatian Telecom is mostly known as Croatia’s largest telecommunications operator, this is also a company that is engaged in many other activities – for example, they sell electricity and even help creative students and start-ups in the realization of their ideas. HT’s STEM HUB, HT Innovation Camp, hackathon and a general sponsorship of the prestige Idea Knockout competition in cooperation with the Bug tech magazine are only some of the activities with which Croatian Telecom formats the restless ideas of juvenile creators. Considering the fact that one of the main prizes of the game is a trip to Las Vegas, then the best question for this lecture is – how?

Bojan Mušćet

Hrvatski Telekom, Senior Communication Expert (Hrvatska)

Dragan Petric

Bug, Executive Editor (Croatia)

Friday 23.09.2016.   12.30 – 13.30    Weekend Work Space

The New Era of Marketing: How Can Technology Make You More Successful in Your Job?

powered by SAP

Evolution is transforming marketing into an increasingly technical function. This happened because of the predominance of digital channels in high volumes of business as opposed to being just a channel of communication. In the process, big data – huge amounts of information that marketing organizations gathered from consumers across all interaction points – provided additional tools for marketing in order to add value in using digital channels. This was further reinforced by improved capabilities in experienced management technologies that enabled contextually relevant communications and interactions and mass personalization. This session will explore how exactly can technology help marketing functions to perform better; what the leading brands are doing and why a scientific approach is needed in creating a new era of advertising.  As marketing is tasked to simultaneously inform and inspire, technology is here to help do it with ease and impact. See it live!

Ana Šipušić Pleše

SAP, Hybris Presales Consultant (Croatia)

Friday 23.09.2016.   15.30 – 16.30    Weekend Work Space

Post deadline – stories from the field

powered by Profil

Croatian bookshelves have recently received a unique literary edition that offers an insight into the world of domestic foreign policy journalists. “Our man on the field” in this case is a powerful collection of experienced reporters from print and online media, conveniently gathered with a common goal to share what they have never shared with the public – how they feel when the cameras turn off, what can we learn from a Polisario soldier about Yugoslavia, why it’s important to have Vegeta in the Seychelles and just what kind of memorial residue they carry from Lampedusa, Ukraine, Syria… The report collection “Post deadline – stories from the field” were written by 14 current and former foreign policy journalists – Bisera Fabrio, Ivana Dragičević, Boris Orešić, Renata Rašović, Ana-Bella Leikauff, Jasmina Kuzmanović, Nataša Barac i Zorana Bajt, Elizabeta Gojan, Dragan Nikolić, Hrvoje Krešić, Josip Šarić, Jerko Bakotin and  Snježana Pavić. According to the publisher, Profil Knjiga, the collection brings reports and stories about interesting locations described in an unconventional and very personal manner. It can be found in bookstores starting September 13th and its first promotion will be at the Weekend Media Festival.

Ivana Dragičević

N1 TV, Executive Producer of International News (Croatia)

Hrvoje Krešić

RTL, Reporter (Croatia)

Dragan Nikolić

HRT, Foreign Affairs Correspondent (Croatia)

Adriana Piteša

Profil, Editor (Croatia)

Saturday 24.09.2016.   12.30 – 13.30    Weekend Work Space

WhatsUpCroatia Is Your Next Best Business Tool for Marketing

WhatsUpCroatia lets you additionally promote your company and business solutions in a modern and creative way, as well as be in direct contact with your customers and buyers.This service is an innovative platform for all your current digital marketing campaigns, promotions and a great way to reach out to your target audience. WhatsApp Messenger is a cross-platform mobile messaging app with over a billion users worldwide. WhatsApp is available for a variety of mobile platforms –  Android, iPhone, BlackBerry and Windows Phone. With the app you can send text, images, video, audio messages, vCards and you can even send your location, which makes WhatsApp Messenger very different from the traditional SMS. WhatsApp users share over 700 million photos and 100 million videos each day. WhatsUpCroatia will help grow your customer base and/or sell services or products with a personalized “messages” platform. WhatsUpCroatia is a versatile, irreplaceable, unique and entirely new tool for communication and marketing – once you know how to make good use of it.

Kristijan Milan Lopac

WhatsUp Croatia, General Manager (Croatia)

Silvano Gospodarić

WhatsUp Croatia, Communication Manager (Croatia)

Saturday 24.09.2016.   16.45 – 17.45    Laboratory Stage

Unleashing Creative Potentials

If creativity and innovation are key to growth and development of individuals and organizations, what can we do to maximize their potential? What are the challenges and limitations that don`t allow us to be creative 24/7 and when we prefer? Once we have identified limitations of the creativity and innovation processes, we are able to manage them and use them to create meaningful innovations that bring value. Meaningful innovations shouldn`t come as a result of random events and ingenuity of individuals, but rather as an end result of a structured process within the company innovation system. A structured innovation system allows creative ideas and innovations to be generated as logical conclusions, rather than random events. Hence a company does not depend on market movements and fluctuations, but is able to create and drive markets and perceptual monopolies that are a meaningful source of long-term competitive advantage. Therefore, the lecture “Unleashing Creative Potentials” will give insight into the value creation process and introduce tools that are key to achieving creative and innovative potentials and that enable us to manage them.

Goran Vlašić

Faculty of Economics and Business – University of Zagreb / Assistant Professor, Innovation Institute / Council Chair (Croatia)

Saturday 24.09.2016.   15.30 – 16.00    Weekend Work Space

Macedonia – Digital Experiences From the Land of Eternal Sunshine

powered by Somo Borac

samoborac logo

Brief review of the Macedonian digital market told through some of the most engaging campaigns and devoted communities.

Darko Buldioski

NewMediaMK / AllWeb -Digital Marketing Conference , Founder /  Program Director (Macedonia)

Saturday 24.09.2016.   16.00 – 16.00   Weekend Work Space

The Montenegro Experience  – How to Make Big Projects in a Small Market

powered by Somo Borac

samoborac logo

What is it like to work in a full service creative agency on the Montenegro digital market? What are the challenges they face and how they overcome them?

Aleksandra Bošković

Bild Studio, General Manager (Montenegro)

Subota 24.09.2016.   17.00 – 17.30    Weekend Work Space

Disneyland is too far

In June 2017 Croatia will get its first amusement park in Biograd na Moru. The park will feature globally popular content for both children and adults. The road from the initial idea to one of the largest investments in the history of Croatian entertainment industry worth 15 million Euros, will be told by Boris Kovaček, Mirnovec Park director.

Boris Kovaček

Mirnovec park, Director (Croatia)