Weekend Speakers

Friday 23.09.2016.   10.00 – 11.00    Weekend Stage

Shawn Pecas Costner

Roc Nation Sports, Senior Management Executive (SAD)

Shawn “Pecas” Costner represents the true Bronx and New York as well as being an insider of American show business. For 18 years he worked as Vice President of the legendary Def Jam record label with which he experienced the incredible growth of New York hip hop from the five boroughs to a global music phenomenon. He has worked with Rihanna, Ne-Yo, The Dream, Young Jeezy, Rick Ross, Pusha T, Nas, Ludacris, Big Sean and many others. Today, Shawn is running one of the most major sports talent agencies where he manages top players of US professional leagues.

American Dream Inc.

Shawn ”Pecas” Costner is living the American dream. He was born in the Bronx, back in the time when New York was experiencing the birth of hip hop! Just like the rest of his neighbours, he had to make everything himself. By relying on his own work, effort and struggle he came all the way to the top of American showbiz.
Shawn’s first career was in the music business, where he was Jay z’s closest associate and watched the growth of New York hip hop from the local hoods to global fame. He worked with all hip hop stars, and witnessed the creation of many of them. After years of music, Jay Z and Shawn decided to enter the world of sports by founding a talent agency which took over the NBA, NFL and other American sports leagues.
Today, Shawn is developing careers for many stars in the biggest American leagues, maybe even some from this region. What did life look like in the Bronx? Did “The Get Down” tell the Bronx tale right? What are an insider’s views on American hip hop? What do NBA players like, and what don’t they like? What are Jay Z and Beyonce like? All will be revealed in a 1 on 1 talk!

Pete Radovich, CBS, Director and Producer (USA)

Friday 23.09.2016.   10.00 – 11.00   Extended Weekend Stage

Christian Brent

FOX Networks Group, SVP Global Research & Audience Strategy (Velika Britanija)
powered by FOX Networks Group

Christian Brent

Christian has been with FNG for more than three years, and is currently SVP of Global Research & Audience Strategy. In this role, created in June 2014, he coordinates all audience research for FOX Networks Group across the company’s three international regions: Europe & Africa, Latin America, and Asia Pacific. Christian’s remit includes TV ratings, digital analytics and agency insight projects, where he works with commercial and editorial teams across all FOX, FOX Sports and National Geographic brands. In the company from 2013, he joined FNG as VP Audience Research & Strategy for Europe and Africa.

Christian Brent is a senior executive with extensive experience in audience analysis, research and marketing strategy. He has worked in management roles at numerous multinational companies both in the UK and the US. Before joining FIC in 2013, he spent seven years at BBC Worldwide, where he headed up the research and strategy unit for BBC’s international channels business. Prior to that, Christian was Head of Research for Walt Disney Television, Latin America, based in Miami. Christian has also lived and worked in Hong Kong. Christian holds a MBA with distinction from Warwick Business School in UK and from China Europe International Business School in Shanghai, China.

TV in an Era of Digital Revolution

The presentation will uncover how people consume television content compared to some new digital trends. It will also show how large corporations such as FOX Networks Group, adjust to new market demands when it comes to context, or more respectively – format, marketing and advertising strategy.

nevena rendeli 150MODERATOR
Nevena Rendeli, Croatian Radiotelevision (HRT), Editor and Reporter (Croatia)

Saturday 24.09.2016.   11.15 – 12.15    Laboratory Stage

Jeremy Abbett

Google, creative evangelist (Germany)

Jeremy Tai Abbett inspires ambitious organizations into realizing the creativity required to thrive in a world of constant change. He draws on his experience with starting several ventures that found their genesis at the intersection of design and technology. In his current role as the creative evangelist at Google, Jeremy consults and collaborates with brands and creative agencies such as Adidas, Zalando and Saatchi & Saatchi. Additionally, he mentors early-stage startups and facilitates workshops that explore creativity and innovation. Previous to Google, Jeremy was the founding design director responsible for the branding and user-experience for a mobile startup Stuffle. His efforts helped Stuffle win a Webby Award, a Lead Award, a Lovie Award as well as being recognized by Apple as one of the best apps in 2012. Jeremy also co-founded Fork Unstable Media in 1996 (with three projects that were acquired by the Museum of Modern Art – San Francisco and a game that enraged the British Monarchy to his credit), co-founded a multidisciplinary studio Truth Dare Double Dare, was a founding post-graduate student at Interaction Design Institute Ivrea and an award winning creative director at a handful of advertising agencies.

Twenty-Three Minutes

In our world of over saturated, sugar-filled doughnut-like consumption the brands that thrived yesterday are starting to be but a distant memory of tomorrow. The brands that are around tomorrow are being built by outsiders that acknowledge this simple fact — the big idea in advertising is a small idea nobody cares about.

iva sulentic 150MODERATOR
Iva Šulentić, Television and Radio Presenter (Croatia)

Friday 23.09.2016.   15.30 – 16.30    Summer House Stage

Srđa Popović

CANVAS – Center for Applied Nonviolent Actions and Strategies, Founder and Executive Director (Serbia)

Srdja PopovicSrđa Popović is the founder and executive director of the Center for Applied Nonviolent Actions and Strategies (CANVAS), a non-profit organization based in Belgrade, Serbia that aims to teach the use of nonviolence to make a change. Born in 1973 in Serbia (then a part of Yugoslavia), he was raised in Belgrade where he played the guitar in a rock band and also graduated from the Belgrade faculty of Biology, with an MA in animal ecology. Since his early 20s, his focus has been on activism, democracy and human rights issues. In 1998, he founded the student movement “Otpor!” (“Resistance!”) which had a crucial role in ousting president Slobodan Milosevic, the Serbian dictator accused of war crimes. After Milosevic was defeated in 2000, Popović was elected to the Serbian Parliament where he served from 2000 until 2004. Following his career in the Serbian parliament, Popović went on to develop CANVAS, which he has been the executive director of ever since. CANVAS was created with the intent of teaching people all over the world how to be successful in nonviolent conflict. The organization has worked with activists from 46 different countries, spreading knowledge of nonviolent strategies and tactics used by Otpor! Worldwide. Apart from being nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize in 2012, Popović has been listed as one of the “Top 100 Global Thinkers” of 2011 by the Foreign Policy Magazine. In 2014 he was listed as a “Young Global Leader” by the World Economic Forum in Davos. Popović is also the author of the recent book “Blueprint for Revolution”.

New Media And Social Movements – How The Internet Has Changed Popular Mobilising

After the 2011 Arab spring the media were fast to proclaim “Internet revolution” a game-changer in social mobilizing. How are contemporary groups using social media for mass mobilizing – in democratic and authoritarian societies? What are the best practices of the use of social media that have drawn millions to the streets from Arab Spring through Hong Kong to Venezuela and Occupy Wall Street? What are the pros and cons of using social media? How do oppressors learn censorship and surveillance in the digital era? Why did “Kony 2012” fail and the “Ice Bucket Challenge” still rocks? Why are the most effective online campaigns those that also have powerful “on the ground” component”?

nevena rendeli 150MODERATOR
Nevena Rendeli, Croatian Radiotelevision (HRT), Editor and Reporter (Croatia)

Saturday 24.09.2016.   16.45 – 17.45    Extended Weekend Stage

Magdalena Horánska

MCA Group (Newton Media) / FIBEP, CEO / Vice President (Czech Republic)

Magdalena Horánska is a sales and marketing professional with 14 years experience in media monitoring and measurement industry. Currently, she is CEO of MCA Grupa, a group of media monitoring and measurement companies across the Adriatic region. MCA Grupa belongs to NEWTON Media Group, a leader in media intelligence services in CEE and SEE. In the past, Magdalena was responsible for managing companies of NEWTON Media Group in Poland and Slovakia. Her experience also includes automatic speech recognition of Slavic languages mainly focused on dictation into computer and TV and radio automatic transcription. She is a vice-president of FIBEP, international association of media intelligence companies and a member of joint FIBEP/AMEC an Fair Trade Commission. She has a university degree in Business administration, marketing and management and speaks Czech, Slovak, Polish, English and German.

Media Intelligence And Top Authors – How an Organization Sees The News Written By Journalists

What is media intelligence, what is media monitoring, how do agencies evaluate the content written by journalists, what tools do marketing and PR people, but also journalists use to help them on a daily basis to evaluate and follow the media and influencers – we will find out this and more from Magdalena Horanská, Vice President of FIBEP and Member of the Board of NEWTON Media and MCA Grupa. Magdalena will also present many other secrets of successful measuring and organizational communication control. Some of the companies in the media intelligence industry have been old family companies for generations. These dinosaurs have existed for over 100 years, functioning for decades in the same way using just a copying machine and a pair of scissors to cut newspaper articles. This lasted until the new millennium when everything changed. Technology exploded. New agencies have literally swallowed the old ones, while modern companies started doing business on a global level and turn business into a high-tech profiled industry with new niches like market research, data mining and effective analytical reporting. What are the trends in the media intelligence industry and how do these trends affect and transform the media they monitor? Are media intelligence agencies a threat to traditional media or are the modern digital media a threat to both traditional media and the media intelligence industry? Magdalena Horánska, Chairman of the Board of MCA Grupa and Vice President of FIBEP from Prague, invites you to a discussion about this and many other interesting questions.
In the end, Media Net will show the results of one of their recent and most popular research projects and give away the Media Net award for the best and most popular journalist.

Media Net Awards Ceremony – Awards for Best and Most Popular Journalist

Media Net, a Zagreb-based media, market research and evaluation company, will for the third time carry out a research on a representative sample of 1000 adults from all regions of Croatia – this year due to great interest from the expert public. We will find out what the public thinks, who is the most popular journalist and examinees will name their top three internet portals, print, radio and television journalists. Media Net will also carry out an online research among the members of the Croatian Public Relations Association as well as journalism and public relations students and professors from Croatian universities.

iva sulentic 150MODERATOR
Iva Šulentić, Television and Radio Presenter (Croatia)

Saturday 24.09.2016.   16.45 – 17.45    Summer House Stage

Lazar Džamić

ex – Google ZOO, Creative Strategist (Serbia)

Lazar Dzamic

Until recently, the leader of the Brand Strategy team in Google’s creative think-tank – ZOO, located in London. Personal mission: to create warmth from light – an abundance of data in the Google universe into emotional territories for grand ideas. A director of strategic planning in several London-based creative agencies and one of the first digital strategists in the UK. Author of many books, including “Cvećarnica u Kući cveća” – a personal analysis of the success of the Alan Ford comic in former Yugoslavia…

Klin: Almost Completely Perfect Advertising – Or, How to Create Successful Messages in the World of Light Ignoring

The lecture will cover a few key aspects of successful market communication in modern media and also deal with the fact that advertising has changed completely – and stayed the same. In short: a recipe for successful brand communication on mobile phones, YouTube and other modern culture platforms where content, experience and relevance mean more that the ad itself…

Ida Prester, Musician / TV Host / Journalist (Croatia/Serbia)

Saturday 24.09.2016.   11.15 – 12.15    Extended Weekend Stage

Zrinka Lovrenčić

Great Place to Work Australia, Managing Director (Australia)


Since 2008, Zrinka has been working with organisations across a variety of industries and locations to assess their workplace cultures and support them as they seek to transform their organisations to become not only great workplaces, but increase their shareholder returns.
As the MD of Great Place to Work Australia, Zrinka is the curator of the Business Review Weekly “Best Places to Work” list published each year, and is a featured speaker on workplace trends and management strategies. She holds a Bachelor of Commerce and Masters of Management from Macquarie University, as well as an MBA from Macquarie Graduate School of Management. Zrinka was awarded NSW Finalist in the Telstra Business Woman of the Year Awards (2013).
According to the World Bank, the global services industry contribution to global GDP is over 70%, and growing at a rate of 1% per annum worldwide. This is the fastest growing industry in the world. The growth in the service industry dictates that the world’s largest resource is in fact the human capital.
However, when organisations think about optimising efficiency, they tend to look at assets and resources; specifically machinery, output, suppliers, the supply chain, infrastructure, and logistics; frequently not focusing on that most important asset the human capital. There is a need to shift attention to optimising the human capital, and putting employees at the centre of operational efficiency optimisation.
A featured speaker on workplace trends, Zrinka has focused her research on management strategies and people practices aimed at improving workplace.

A Great Place to Work

Zrinka will hold a lecture about a unique model which helps companies create „a great place to work for their employees while simultaneously increasing shareholder returns.

nevena rendeli 150MODERATOR
Nevena Rendeli, Croatian Radiotelevision (HRT), Editor and Reporter (Croatia)

Saturday 24.09.2016.   16.45 – 17.45    Weekend Stage

Jarno Vanhatapio

NA-KD.COM, CEO and founder (Sweden)

Jarno Vanhatapio is the CEO and founder of NA-KD.com in Sweden, a disruptive online fashion marketplace that has shipped to over 100 countries in just 4 months from the start in December 2015. He is also the founder of ZooZoo.com, which became the second biggest online petfood supplier in Sweden in just two years. Previously, he founded Nelly.com, the leading fashion e-tailer in the Nordics and one of the biggest fashion e-commerce sites in northern Europe with sales exceeding 180 million USD in 2015. He has in depth knowledge of professional e-commerce, viral & social shopping and all things pertaining to online shopping. In 2010, Mr. Vanhatapio was nominated for The Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year award. In 2012, he received the “Söderbergska Handelspriset” from the Swedish Retail & Commerce association, the biggest individual prize in Nordic retail.

nevena rendeli 150MODERATOR
Nevena Rendeli, Croatian Radiotelevision (HRT), Editor and Reporter (Croatia)

Saturday 24.09.2016.   16.45 – 17.45   Weekend Stage

Magnus Emilson

NA-KD.COM, The Lead Investor and Chairman of NA-KD (Sweden)

Magnus Emilson is the lead investor and chairman of NA-KD.com. He is a serial entrepreneur and an active investor in tech space. Magnus co-founded the Internet consultancy company Mind in 1996 and developed  it to 500 employees before it was listed on the Swedish Stock Exchange in 2000. He then founded Visit Group, which is one of Europe’s leading travel tech companies within the B2B segment where he still works as CEO. As an active angel investor, Magnus has made over 20 tech investments and actively helped them grow and build a market leading position in today’s extremely competitive Internet market space. The investments include Europe’s leading restaurant reservation platform Bookatable which was acquired by the Michelin Guide in 2015 for 100M EUR, Europe’s leading affiliate marketing platform – Tradedoubler which was listed on the Swedish Stock Exchange in 2005, and Jetshop, the leading e-commerce platform for retailers in the Nordic countries. In 2014 Mr Emilson was in nominated for the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year award.

Naked Truth from Sweden

NA-KD.com is a new Scandinavian online fashion marketplace project, created by the well-known and successful team in the world of e-commerce, which will be visiting this region for the first time. The growth of e-commerce which we follow on the regional market demands that we finally get an insight into subjects such as professional e-commerce as well as viral and social shopping.

nevena rendeli 150MODERATOR
Nevena Rendeli, Croatian Radiotelevision (HRT), Editor and Reporter (Croatia)

Saturday 24.09.2016.   10.00 – 11.00    Laboratory Stage

Aleksandar Medjedović

DEIK (Turkish Foreign Economic Relations Board), Vice-President European Group /  Independent Business Media Specialist (Turkey / Germany)     

Aleksandar Medjedovic

Aleksandar Medjedović has been active in the world of media for the last 25 years. Defining for himself ‘Media’ in the broadest sense possible, he has gained his experience in Sales, PR and Marketing in the industry of trade fairs, event and conference management. This journey took him from Germany to Switzerland, to the United States, to France, Singapore, and then to Turkey. Aleksandar has been operating and learning in the huge Turkish market since 20 years. He has worked there at the crossing points of business development and all media areas –first seeing the entire traditional media fields ‘falling on him like a waterfall’ and penetrating his business heavily, and then for the last 5 years crawling through the wave of digital issues that ‘fell on all of us with incredible speed’. He has learned and absorbed the Turkish media market with all its facets and he had also the ‘incredible luck’ to spread from Turkey into Asian, Caucasian and Arabic markets, as well as to challenge his ‘European views’ from a Turkish standpoint. Aleksandar, a native of Hannover/Germany of Yugoslav origin, has university education in Political Science and Economy from Germany and France and speaks 10 languages fluently, which helps ‘to understand his journey a bit more’. He is an active member in various chambers of commerce and other industrial organizations in Turkey, Southeastern Europe and Germany and he is a frequent guest at media occasions in those markets and in other places. Aleksandar Medjedović resides in Istanbul/Turkey and his business is focused on regional business development, education and cross-border issues – both geographical and thematic.

Talking Turkey: Experiencing and Managing Media in a ‘Subcontinent’
A View from the Huge Turkish Market (and Beyond Its Borders)

The Republic of Turkey has become very present in various fields of life and business throughout the ‘old continent’, in our region and also far beyond that: be it through current issues around the refugee situation, political streams, an increasing industrial importance or simply through watching infamous Turkish ‘soap operas’ throughout the Balkans and Eastern Europe. Turkey is a large and growing market, a market whose companies have become more present in our Region. It is a country of almost 80 million people with a very vibrant media scene and over 300 TV stations as well as a youthful population which uses the advantages of social media in its entirety. Through the outspread of the Turkish language, the Turkish media and agencies are present in many neighboring countries.

Accordingly, the media in Turkey is crucial and always present. This presentation will cover the Turkish media scene and focus on some key points such as the key Turkish media players; how to use media planning in managing 12 cities with over a million inhabitants; how many different aproaches there are to reporting and advertising and why are the Turkish users ranked so high on Facebook and other social media, how Turkey became an entry point to the Middle East and to Central Asia and more.
Attendees will learn many details which they would have never associated with Turkey and will ultimately understand why Turkey will be more and more present in the media world –In Europe and beyond: What is the media scene like in Turkey? How can one plan the media in such complex surroundings? How do Turkish advertising agencies function?

nevena rendeli 150MODERATOR
Nevena Rendeli, Croatian Radiotelevision (HRT), Editor and Reporter (Croatia)

Friday 23.09.2016.   11.15 – 12.15   Extended Weekend Stage

Daniela Ivanova

Viber, Partnerships Manager CEE (CEE)
powered by Viber

Daniela Ivanova is a Business Development Professional with heavy experience in startup and tech industries. Daniela graduated with honours from The Hague University in 2012, with a degree in International Business and Management. Two years later she specialised in Digital Strategies for Marketing at New York University in the USA. As a young professional, she participated in various projects about innovation in the digital space, the last one in South Korea in 2012: New Media in Youth Culture. Before joining Viber, Daniela worked for 3 years as a Marketing Manager for SoundCloud’s global operations in Berlin. Heavily influenced by the startup community and entrepreneurial spirit, Daniela returned to Bulgaria to support the development of local businesses.

Sticker Your Brand and Let the People Talk powered by Viber

As people spend more time on mobile devices, brands and businesses struggle to find their place in the communication realm of the future. Meanwhile, communication technologies are evolving every minute to facilitate and entertain people’s every-day lives with the power of rich media. Messaging apps are now taking over personal communication, allowing people to share the new generation of branded content with friends, relatives and business contacts across the globe.

nevena rendeli 150MODERATOR
Nevena Rendeli, Croatian Radiotelevision (HRT), Editor and Reporter (Croatia)

Saturday 24.09.2016.   11.15 – 12.15    Weekend Stage

Davor Tomašković

Croatian Telecom, President of the Management Board (CEO) (Croatia)

Davor Tomašković was born in Vinkovci, Croatia in 1969. He graduated as an electrical engineer from the University of Zagreb in 1994. He subsequently completed an MBA program at Bocconi University in Milan, Italy, graduating summa cum laude in 1997. For over a decade Mr.Tomašković has occupied top positions at some of the most prominent Croatian companies. Following his graduation as an engineer he was employed at the Croatian Ministry of Science and Technology implementing the first internet network for academia. After his graduation from Milan, he worked in Austria, at the consultancy firm McKinsey & Company. In 2002 Mr. Tomašković returned to Croatia assuming the post of Director of Corporate Strategy and Business Development at Hrvatski Telekom. In 2004 he was appointed President of the Management Board of Tisak, a leading Croatian distribution and retailing company. Subsequent to successful implementation of an extensive restructuring process at Tisak, he assumed the position of President of the Management Board of TDR, the regional tobacco industry leader, which position he has occupied for the past seven years. Under his custody, TDR has retained its position of leadership in Croatia, and has also undergone significant expansion, both regionally and overseas during a dynamic and challenging period from both political and economic perspectives. On 1 January 2014 Mr.Tomašković was appointed to the position of President of the Management Board of HT d.d.


The leader of a new generation of the most successful Croatian managers, Davor Tomašković and journalist of the year, Zoran Šprajc in  “One-on-one” at the Weekend Media Festival. Tomašković, today the President of the Management Board of Hrvatski Telekom, first became the President of the Board at the age of 34. For the past 13 years he has constantly held leading positions in Croatia’s largest companies – Tisak, TDR and Hrvatski Telekom

On how and where to go to school to become a President of the Management Board, what knowledge and skills are necessary to run large companies; what are the hardest decisions he had to make during his career; are there any moves that he regrets today; what makes him angry and what makes him happy – these are all question Tomašković will have to answer to Šprajc.

 There will also be talk about the current state of the Croatian economy and society, how he rates the national policy, which politician is best to work with and which one drove him crazy.

 Does the President of the Management Board have time for a personal life, what would he advise to his children and would he choose to return to Croatia as a country in which he would build his career – all will be known in a conversation between Šprajc and Tomašković.

šprajc 100MODERATOR
Zoran Šprajc, RTL, Editor and Anchor of RTL Direct (Croatia)

Saturday 24.09.2016.   10.00 – 11.00    Summer House Stage

Gary Whitehill

Futurist (USA)

Gary Whitehill is the 21st Century futurist who believes that unstable times create incredible opportunities. Since 2011, Gary’s immersion in over 60 countries has shown him that humanity can be enriched through inclusivity, cooperation and participation. Gary’s future-by-design model catapults people and their visions into an accelerated reality by using cultivated innovation, directed technology, shared values and inclusive justice to build a bridge between today’s uncertainty and tomorrow’s smarter future. Gary works with business leaders, governments, communities and organizations to build launch pads, fire up human-ingenuity rocket fuel, and hurtle ideas forward to make the future happen now.

FUTURE TRENDS – Humans Deserve Better: Roadmap to a Future-Ready City

Today, most of humanity believes that the world needs more than a fix or two. Global forces are pushing us towards powerful change, and humanity has a front row seat for an impending and unprecedented convergence of economic, political, technological, environmental, cultural and social unrest. Not to fear, Gary believes the power of human ingenuity will transcend this worldwide upheaval. When humans stand up and come together, they can break through fears and assumptions, and affect the structures and politics that control them in ways that will transform our world and make it better not just for some, but for all. In this keynote, Gary describes the vision of a 21st Century driven by innovation, unified by culture and delivered by work-play-live communities that inspire justice, inclusion and stability in cities across the world. Leveraging his deep, experiential insights from solving real world problems across more than 60 countries, Gary extrapolates from current and historical examples to reveal the necessary strategies and tactics forward-thinking cities and their corresponding governments must adopt to achieve FutureReady outcomes in the 21st Century.

Ida Prester, Musician / TV Host / Journalist (Croatia/Serbia)

Friday 23.09.2016.   11.15 – 12.15    Laboratory Stage

Tomislav Gugo

Embassy of Denmark Zagreb, Advisor for Public diplomacy and communication (Croatia)
powered by Embassy of Denmark Zagreb

Tomislav Gugo is employed at the Embassy of Denmark in Croatia for the past 8 years. He works in the Public Diplomacy and Communications department where besides the implementation of public policies he also works on creating strategies and new ways of branding Denmark in South Eastern Europe. In 2013 he worked in Copenhagen in a group that created the new global Danish strategy for public diplomacy. He was also the project leader for redefining and creating a new approach for the international press centre in the Danish capitol. Before his career at the Embassy of Denmark he worked as a copywriter in Digitel, and before that as a video journalist and editor on Croatian Radiotelevision. He graduated from the Faculty of Political Science in 2007 with a major in TV journalism and Public Relations. In 2015 he received his Post-graduate Specialist Public Relations degree at the same faculty. His main research was on public diplomacy and modern state branding.

The Role of Public Diplomacy in Country Branding – Case Study: YammatFM Goes Copenhagen

Can states sell themselves to “buyers” just like laundry detergent? What is the value of a state, a national brand? How to awaken the sleeping giant (public) without pompous ministerial or royal visits? What is public diplomacy and who are “public diplomats”? Tomislav Gugo will present a new, modern public diplomacy and explain how diplomacy – proverbially covered in a veil of secrecy – is entering an era of open discourse by using Public Relations and Marketing methods. Alen Balen (owner of Yammat FM) will join the presentation of a unique project in Croatian airwaves which took place this May. Yammat FM goes Copenhagen or how to go through half of a continent and report to your faithful public from the far North.

Alen Balen, Yammat FM, Program Director (Croatia)