Friday 23.09.2016.   16.30 – 16.45    Weekend Stage

Indoor Creative powered by B1 plakati

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Everybody knows that we are literally buried in various marketing messages with a good idea, with no idea, while a good creative solution is memorable and can affect an entire target group. That is why we at B1 Plakati for the sixth year in a row encourage creative agencies to create a more impressive and noticeable message on such a simple medium.
Creatively use all advantage of B1 media, because they can be found wherever your target group may be.
The promotional message is simultaneously the content that you have time to read
The retail location is nearby the advertising space and enables a quicker realization!
All festival participants will have the possibility to pick their favorites and win a perfect weekend getaway.
Find out more at http://www.b1-plakati.hr/.

Your B1 team

Saturday 24.09.2016.   12.30 – 14.00    Summer House Stage

SoMo Borac – the best digital works from the region

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For the fourth time at Weekend we will find out who are the proud owners of the best regional digital projects in 9 different categories! All works have been rated by the biggest regional agency experts – all twenty of them. Find out who had the best Facebook page, the best marketing content project of the year, the best viral blockbuster and who will be the community manager and digital of the year! Find out who will receive our newest awards SoMoRitanac, who had the best digital mix or social media and who had the best technological innovation! www.somoborac.com


Iva Šulentić (Croatia)

The Damson Tea

Over a few weeks, the fifth best-selling book in Serbia this year. It is currently in its fifth edition, still in the Top 40…

Lazar Džamić shows a typical English ability: to say a lot with just a few words. The language in which he does so is simple yet classy, his metaphors are creative and intelligent and his observations lucid and humorous. With a perfect balance of charm and seriousness, he compares the restrained English and the overheated Serbian mentality in a ruthless manner yet with sympathies for both sides. Ever since the days of Borislav Pekić we have not, I believe, had a better author tackle such a challenging subject.

Ivan Ivačković

Two countries, one kingdom and the other a republic with a crown on its flag. Two nations, one that likes to show off and the other that “pretends to be English”. Two civilizations, one which has Wimbledon and the other has a Wimbledon champion. Two islands, one surrounded by the ocean, the other surrounded by a wire…Lazar Džamić is truly a phenomenon. Judging by “The Damson Tea”, he is a man who succeeded at being at two (separate) places at the same time!

Slavoljub Stanković

The title “The Damson Tea” was a Lazos brilliant cover for a serious study of English and Serbian roots, their DNA, their mentality, work ethics, communication, behaviour, daily habits… As the texts moved away, it became more apparent that the readers were facing a serious socio-psychological study. A study like that could have been made only by a serious anthropologist who is seriously studying individuals, reality, social groups, mentalities, social relations, phenomena, social anomies, historical context…

Miša Brkić

Džamić enters the microcosms of our daily lives in a very intelligent and simple manner. He displays the unconscious but in a very visible and (self)ironic way and opens the dissimilarities of smell and feelings of West and East, Rome and Tsargrad; what we consider to be Europe.

Andrej Horvat

Saturday 24.09.2016.   11.15 – 12.15    Weekend Work Space

SnapUp 2.0

After the success of the first Snapchat meetup in Zagreb, which gathered over 120 Snapchat enthusiasts, Bamboo Lab is organizing SnapUp 2.0, a second Snapchat meet up, dedicated to all users and fans (and those who will become users) – currently the fastest growing social network with 150 million active users and 10 billion views per day. At the second SnapUp we will talk about why brands in Croatia should use Snapchat as well as its growing influence in Croatia. Find out why Snapchat is inevitable in building ones brand at the SnapUp 2.0!


Iva Soldo, Bamboo Lab, Co-Founder and Marketing Director (Croatia)

Friday 23.09.2016.   16.45 – 18.45    Weekend Stage

Advertisers Pick the Best Agencies at BalCannes

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Weekend Media Festival will, for the fifth year in a row, host BalCannes – a revue of the best advertising agencies who have also gained a new role this year. They will pick the best 25 projects from the 6 countries in the region, including best agency and BalCannes project. BalCannes will host advertisers, new and old clients, and in the main hall on Friday afternoon you will get the chance to see a unique overview of the best regional advertising production, and search through agency profiles after the festival at BalCannes Yellow Pages website (www.balcannes.com).


Iva Šulentić (Croatia)

The Happy Danes

Today, leaders from around the world are expressing an interest in why some societies are happier than others. At the same time countries are taking steps to measure their success as a society – not only from how much the economy grows – but also from how much their lives are improved, not only from standard of living, but from the quality of life. However, this idea is not new. The international surveys frequently name Denmark as the happiest country in the world and this has naturally prompted an increasing interest from happiness researchers. What are the reasons behind the high levels of happiness in Denmark? At the Happiness Research Institute we have tried to answer this question. We hope that this exhibition will shed some light on the puzzle, and contribute to the discussion of how we may measure the progress of our societies and improve the quality of our lives.

Vlada Divljan

A documentary exhibition – inspired by the life and work of Vlada Divljan is a sort of a slightly unpretentious reminder on the reflexion of his influence on the development off the ex-Yu urban culture. That voice is in a figurative but also literal sense, an archetype sound of Yugoslavian pop culture. As Vlada’s music is full of emotions, whether we are talking about adolescent rebellion or real, mature love, the ideas for the exhibition and events which we want to commemorate, we decided to approach them personally and emotionally. Inspired by his unshakable spirit, we wanted to see all of Divljan’s faces – the boy, the rebellious adolescent, the pop star, the friend, the spokesperson of a generation, the poet, the immigrant, the composer, husband and father….with no gimmicks, unnecessary make-up, spare verses, bars and dull platitudes about pop culture. The exhibition, which was set up beginning of 2016 by UK Parobrod from Belgrade, includes a pop up multimedia made from Vlada’s (Viennese and Belgrade) family collection of objects and instruments, his – up until now unknown to the general public – photography, in which you will be able to enjoy this ear only at the Weekend!

Friday 23.09.2016.   20.00 – 21.45    Summer House Stage

MTV presents film Afterparty

“Afterparty” is a satirical tragedy and a chronic of a generation presented through an all-absorbing milieu of Belgrade clubbing as well as the mainstream trash culture which, with the help of the media, becomes a representation of the “Serbian dream”. Marko is a man of torn between his passions, charismatic and ambitious but also very narrow-minded. Surrounded by a society that promotes these values, Marko becomes the personification of mediocrity, condemned to a hermetic world of consumerism and instant hedonism.

Luka Bursać, Director (Serbia)