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What does the future have in store for us? Find out in Rovinj from September 22nd until September 25th

•    American futurist Gary Whitehill to present his optimistic vision of the 21st century
•    LeadingIT managers, but also teenagers to speak about the future, now
•    Panel discussions on the curricular reform and digital chaos


Just two weeks before its start, the program for the 9th Weekend Media Festival was announced – the festival will once again take place in Rovinj from September 22nd until September 25th, in the old tobacco factory, under the sponsorship of Adris group. The biggest regional gathering of the communications industry will once again be bringing extremely interesting foreign speakers, present new trends and initiate some important social issues.

“The first nine years flew by unbelievably fast, and yet we still feel like we’re at day one. The enthusiasm is the same, as well as the wish to socialize, exchange knowledge and start new projects in rovinj. Weekend was created as an idea to connect people from the communication industry in a laid back environment. This festival is a combination of a business conference and a great amusement park, this year more so than before”, stated Tomo Ricov, festival director.


To see just how important Weekend Media Festival is for the industry and also Rovinj, Predrag Grubić, Head of Corporate Communications of the Main Sponsor, Adris Grupa stated:
“Weekend Media Festival is the finale of a successful tourist season. I am glad that we at Weekend insist on the concept of creative leisure. For the duration of the Weekend there are alternate different experiences in the communications industry and beyond. Knowledge and business experience is gained and exchanged. Weekend Media Festival is a constant companion of Adris investment efforts to raise the quality of the offer in Rovinj. This is certainly an example of a good practice which is a step up from classical economy.”

One thing that stands out in the program is the lecture of American futurist Gary Whitehill who works with business leaders, governments and organizations in over 60 countries. Even though we live in tumultuous times, Whitelhill will present his optimistic vision for the 21st century right here in Rovinj – a vision lead by innovation, united by culture and inspired by justice. Despite all the perils, Whitehall believes that the power of human brilliance will overcome all fears and change our world for the better.


“The Weekend program was always dominated by new trends and technological changes, but this year we have intensified the change even more. The trends are accelerating; changes have already occurred in many aspects of business and personal life, it is time to talk about the consequences. Several panels are dedicated to the future that is already taking place before our eyes, but we also want to hear how the younger people see what is to come” said program director Nikola Vrdoljak .

Therefore, in the panel called “The future is now” the main theme is a more efficient and smarter way of life and business. What are the key trends and how will technology change our lives? What does smart business look like? On this and related questions, Kresimir Madunović from Iskon Internet, Sonja Popovic from SAP, Vladimir Sabo from HEP and Andjelko Strajher from Megatrend will offer some answers.


But the future is best left to the young ones – today’s teenagers. Lara, Nika and Jan, to be precise. They will join Branimir Brkljač in a panel to talk about how they use the Internet and what they expect from it. We will also hear the experiences of Milan Inić, one of the most successful YouTubers in this region, whose channel Yasserstain has nearly 400,000 subscribers and more than a hundred million views.

Education has a key role in the formation of the future, but everyone agrees that the education system does not correspond to the needs of the society of the 21st century. The curricular reform has become one of the central topics of public debate in Croatia, and it will continue to be so in Rovinj, where the former head of the curricular reform, Boris Jokić will discuss matters together with Predrag Grubić from Adris Group, Korado Korlević from Višnjan and Josip Tica from the Economics University of Zagreb.

The future has already irreversibly changed the music industry, which is taken over by the “Digital Chaos” which is the title of the panel dedicated to music as goods that used to be hard to attain, and today it takes place immediately. Are these changes positive or negative and what are the manufacturers’ views on this, musicians Robert Pešut Magnifico and Ida Prester and Zarko Dimitrioski of Macedonian marketing agency Eden na Eden will try and give us answers.

In addition to lectures, panels and presentations, the Weekend will bring much variety with workshops that will be held parallel in five halls. Workshop participants will be able to learn many new skills, from how to present your idea, through e-mail marketing and Google Analytics to mobile advertising and copywriting.


In cooperation with HURA, all Weekend marketers can also expect the fifth BalCannes revue where advertisers select the best projects and agencies from the region. Applications are in progress, and all interested agencies that wish to present can submit their projects until September 9th. The top 25 will be presented on the main stage on Friday, September 23rd. For the fourth year in a row at the Weekend, the most important regional digital awards are given out – the SoMo Borac awards! Even though we received a record number of entries this year, the applications will be open for three more days – until Friday, September 9th at noon.

And after serious topics and heated debates, it is time for some fun times as it is always the case at the Weekend. The party program starts with Hladno pivo powered by Laško, who will perform on Thursday September 22nd at the Pepermint Club, and visitors who are already here on the first day will be entertained by DJ Filip Jelas until the early morning hours. On Friday, September 23rd Lampshade Media presents Who See, and after that, Tomo In Der Muhlen in the Garden hall, while the weekenders in the Pepermint club will be entertained by Peppe & Sergej Trifunovic. The music program on Saturday September 24th ends with a Jägermeister and  Ljetno kino party called “Jägermeister presents Somewhere Over the Region”.

Applications for the 9th Weekend Media Festival are still open, and since interest is very high, we are expecting over 4000 people in Rovinj this year. See you there!

What connects the Weekend Media Festival and the book Čaj od šljiva?
Creative strategist and an all-around artist, Lazar Džamić will be the guest of Weekend Media Festival

At the ninth edition of the Weekend Media Festival, which will take place from September 22nd until September 25th, there will be many interesting, new topics and speakers who will definitely intrigue many visitors that are expected in the old tobacco factory in Rovinj. One of the is the man who discusses the cultural meaning of Alan Ford in the ex-Yugoslavia territory as well as faithfully rendering the differences and stereotypes of Serbian and British society in a simple yet refined manner.

Lazar Dzamic

He is Lazar Džamić, an icon of the journalist and business circles, but also a versatile artist who is hard to describe in just a couple of sentences. A professional journalist, editor and radio director, a columnist in the daily newspapers, author of many magazine articles, a renowned marketing expert, but before all an outgiving and warm person with plenty to teach. He will share his experience this fall with the Weekend Media Festival guests, the largest communication festival in Southeastern Europe which is organized under the general sponsorship of Adris group.

Lazar has an extremely rich lively and professional experience and his life has taken him from Belgrade to London where he is currently creating digital strategies for leading global companies such as Glenfiddich, Waitrose, the GAP and many others. For the last few years he has also cooperated with the leading global and British brands on projects that span from research and informational architecture to the creation of creative and eCRM strategies. Until recently, he has led a brand strategy team at Google’s think-tank – the ZOO in London. All this is telling us that this lecture will require extra seats because we are dealing with a truly versatile professional.

As a marketing consultant, Lazar has written seven book with various subjects, one of them being a very interesting article collection that he wrote in London for two years for the Belgrade-based „Novi magazine“ called „Čaj od šljiva“. In this book he shows us stereotypes, differences and similarities as well as the specifics of the Serbian and British culture. Lazar’s other work is a book about Alan Ford and the cultural significance of his popularity in the former Yugoslavia. „Cvjećarnica u kući cveća“ represents a sentimental reading in which Lazar, in a very lucid manner, tries to reconstruct why this comical saga about a group of TNT secret agents and Number 1 became so mega popular in Yugoslavia and nowhere else.

Weekend Media Festival reveals how to maximize your employee potential

Zagreb, June 3rd 2016  – Great Place to Work is the world’s largest management consulting company that works with market leaders, governments, non-government organizations as well as non-profit organizations –  and it is coming to the ninth edition of the Weekend Media Festival.

The largest communication festival in South Eastern Europe will once again take place in the old tobacco factory in Rovinj, from September 22nd until September 25th. The General Sponsor of Weekend Media Festival is once again, Adris grupa.

This year, the Weekend Media Festival will also host over 4,000 media and communication professionals who will discuss current topics from the world of media, PR, marketing and the entire communications industry in just three days and 5 parallel conference rooms.

“Just the creation of an early quality environment is an important issue for daily operations and the successful functioning of a company or any organization, regardless of whether you are a director who works on the 40th floor of Wall Street or you’re digging channels for pipes in the heat of the Middle East – as a leader you create a great workplace so that you respect your employees, treat them fairly and identify yourself as a credible person” stated Zrinka Lovrenčić from Great place to Work.

According to the Great Place to Work Institute, companies hire people to create a process which results in the creation of wealth. In exchange for their work and services rendered, employees receive adequate compensation. Wages are only a tangible aspect of employment which carry the company and represent an important hygienic factor.

Assuming that the pay is fair, it is not the only factor that contributes to the feeling of satisfaction. Employees must feel like they contribute to something more significant than just daily tasks, they want to feel empowered and receive feedback on their work. They also need to know which options are available to them – this is extremely important to the generation of young workers known as Generation Y or millennials. They believe that the expansion of responsibilities further enhance their resumes rather than just titles.

The fifth  BalCannes and fourth SoMo Borac

The regional BalCannes showcase and SoMo Borac awards remain close partners of Weekend Media Festival. For BalCannes this will be the fifth consecutive year, where in cooperation with the Croatian Association of Communication Agencies (HURA) the best agency projects from six countries in the region will be evaluated. Applications have already started and will last until September 10th ( All submitted works will be presented at Weekend Media Festival and will be available throughout the year on the BalCannes Yellow Pages site.

As in previous years, the 9th Weekend Media Festival will discover who has created the most interesting, creative and original works in the region!

The SoMo Borac regional awards are given for the best digital works in several categories: SoMo Face, SoMust Have, CM of the Year, the SoMo Content, Viral blockbuster, SoMo Tech and Digitalac of the Year. The SoMo Borac is preparing busily for the fourth edition of the most important annual gathering of the digital crew. Be prepared – applications are opening soon, and they ae, as always, free of charge. Find out more at

Where is TV Headed? Is native advertising killing journalism and how to make an ideal work surrounding?

Zagreb, April 20th 2016. – Preparations for the ninth edition of the Weekend Media Festival are fully on the way. The biggest communication festival in South Eastern Europe will be held this year from September 22nd until September 25th in the same location – the old tobacco factory in Rovinj. The main Sponsor of the Weekend Media Festival is Adris Grupa.

Once again, the Weekend Media Festival will host over 4000 media and communication professionals, who will, during the three days of the festival held in five parallel stages, discuss the most current topics from the world of media, PR, marketing and the entire communication industry.

Among the topics that will be discussed on this year’s Weekend, we can highlight the panel „Where is TV Headed?“. The television market is going through significant changes and digitalization has a decisive influence on its future development. The increase of online video and OTT platforms are changing the way we receive content and how we consume it. Online video has increased the total consummation and become a complementary medium to television, but the big changes are right around the corner. At the Festival, the leading media and communication experts will discuss how these changes will affect television networks, who are the new players on the markets and what do these changes mean to the end users.

Another topics that has been starting numerous discussion is native advertising which as part of content marketing has shown significant growth in the past few years. Compared to this growth, native is a product that has triggered much controversy. On one hand, many are happy because they finally have a model that can bring new profit to the media; while on the other hand, many see the end of journalism in native advertising. The Weekend is preparing a panel on what native advertising actually is and if it marks the end of journalism or if it might be media’s savior.

The Weekend Media Festival will also host a plethora of international speakers. One of them will be Zrinka Lovrenčić, the managing director of „Great Place to Work“ in Australia. Zrinka will hold a lecture about a unique model which helps companies create „a great place to work for their employees“while simultaneously increasing shareholder returns.

Weekend Media Festival brings a new view on business and industry

  • Native advertising and programmatic are the main themes of this year’s Weekend
  • The Weekend clarifies new business models that are already in use, and those we are expecting in the near future
  • What does the communications industry in Dubai look like?
  • Registration is under way for the 4th BalCannes and for the 3rd SoMo Borac

Zagreb, 2nd July 2015 – The 8th edition of the Weekend Media Festival, the largest regional communications festival, will be held from 24th till 27th September in the premises well known to all – the one of the old tobacco factory in the town of Rovinj, under the auspices of the Adris group. This year Weekend No. 8 brings a handful of new business topics with more than 130 speakers, and an abundance of interesting and topical lectures, panel discussions, workshops and presentations.

Weekend Media Festival firmly established itself as the biggest and most exciting gathering of the communications industry in the region. With each new edition, we bring you a fresh view on the industry, we enrich the program with new content, and we introduce visitors and the general public to the latest trends and innovations in the areas of communication, marketing and media. At the 8th festival we are riding this year, we will also have a rich accompanying program, therefore participants will not miss opportunities for informal networking in a relaxed atmosphere”, said the festival director Tomo Ricov at the presentation at Johann Franck premises in Zagreb.

The program with a view to the future. What kind of new business environment can we expect?

The conference part of this year’s festival covers a wide range of topics from media to marketing, through the showbiz and digital, to the key business issues in the communications, media and other industries. Significant technological changes are significantly changing communications around the world. The mass media are losing the role they had, the mediated communication through a variety of devices and/or media is present at all times and on demand, and the production of content is growing at incredible speed.

Nikola Vrdoljak , the director of the Weekend, spoke about the program. He would like to single out a few brand new topics about which, even in Western Europe let alone in this region, very little is known.

“In an age of abundance of content, a little different economic policies are applicable. The content becomes as important as it has meaning, and how much valuable experience it brings. The content and experience offered by Weekend Media Festival cover probably the most exciting part of the economy today. Through the program, speakers and workshops we are trying to clarify the issues and trends that we expect in the future, and bring new business models that are already there closer. They are already here, but perhaps we have not fully adopted them, or they are not entirely clear. As the key themes that will mark this Weekend we can point out the native advertising and programmatic, one hot topic that is in Europe still in its infancy, and in the United States it is becoming the main approach to media buying. Everything you want to know about the programmatic will be explained to you by one of this year’s festival presenters, Caspar Schlickum, the CEO of Xaxis EMEA”, said Nikola Vrdoljak.

Among the foreign speakers Brian Morrissey, the editor in chief of Digiday, and Ana Anđelić from New York Havas LuxHub stand out. They will speak about the burning topic of new business models in the media and marketing on the border of the triangle that consists of business, creativity and technology. We will also hear Piero Poli, the Director of Havas Worldwide in Dubai. He will speak about what the communications business looks like in this global city that, in a short time, turned into one of the new centers of international business and power.

Of course, the 8th Weekend brings the leaders of change, technology companies from Silicon Valley with their own visions of the business in the future. Certainly not to be missed are lectures by Mark Dek, a digital expert and banking consultant who will be presenting his shocking forecasts of the future of banking. There is also Lynne Montgomery, PhD, the Vice President of the Business School COTRUGLI. She will talk about the generation Y. Last year’s debate on the restructuring of key Croatian companies will be continued this year by the means of a discussion with the most interesting business people from the wider region.

The unique “chemistry” of the Weekend and Rovinj

The 8th Weekend Media Festival will bring together more than 4,000 media, marketing and PR professionals, as well as about 350 students from across the region – and from the wider area as well – and nearly 600 accredited journalists will follow it. The General sponsor is again the Adris Group, as a link between the festival and the town of Rovinj itself.

The fourth BalCannes and the third SoMo Borac

Regional showcase BalCannes and SoMo Borac awards remain close partners of the Weekend Media Festival. BalCannes will, for the 4th consecutive year, in cooperation with the Croatian Association of Communications Agencies (HURA) evaluate the best agency projects in six countries in the region. Applications have already begun and will last until 10th September ( ). All submitted videos will be presented at the Weekend, and throughout the year will be available on BalCannes Yellow Pages site.

The most important gathering of digital professionals at the Weekend, SoMo Borac, takes place for the 3rd year in a row. This year SoMo Borac reveals that the best regional digital projects – they will award as many as 24 statues printed in 3D technology, in eight categories! Registration for all participants is free and open.

And registration for this year’s Weekend Media Festival has already begun at Hurry, because the capacity of the old tobacco factory are still limited!